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Category: Health:Self-Help

THRIVE GUIDE TO LIFE- Biohacking Mind/Body/Soul

April 27, 2018



April 2, 2018

War Stories from a South African Boer

Captivating war stories and the reality of the current situation and genocide happening inside of South Africa.  Some solutions and lessons from a former Zimbabwe relative keeping it real with me. 

April 2, 2018

South African Boer (Farmer) Recipes and Hunting

Talking old times in South Africa and wild game hunting in this short interview with an anonymous. Yes this man is entertaining and we wrap up 

May 26, 2017

Living Aloha - Film Producer and Goddess Practitioner Julia Lucas and Kalani Founder/ Artist Richard Koob

The story of KALANI HONUA a burning man type community / UTOPIA. Radical discussions on life and stories of awakenings. Creating a utopia in a community and transforming lives thru radical inclusiveness. The essence of moving environments affecting our quantum mental/physical/spiritual health and still serving while nourishing self-love. The Rat race transformation not completely dropping out but a safe-haven to make a difference and living your highest potential in life. Serving and living as person of peace and abundance. How to repel the energy vampires and living the ultimate purposeful life. Turning Pro and graduating the amateur and living in a bucket list way of being. Devotion in life and following healthy RISK. Accepting the shadow and navigating. 

May 23, 2017

How to be a ninja - Steps and Tools to be a Ninja Innovator in the creative process

Ninja stars of knowledge. 

May 23, 2017

Life Spirit Tech - Orgasms to Laughs / Sex and Health 101 / Tantrify your life

Love yourself and others all day in every way. Celebrate in every day situations and keep a wildly connective spirit regardless of lifes hardships. 

May 23, 2017

Street Hug Experiment - Life spirit Tech - Featuring William Walsh

October 17, 2016

Being Yoga Off the Mat - 8 Limbs of Yoga and Feng Shui- Paradigm Shift

Live from the Hawaii Yoga Festival Liberate in a vibration every day with grateful abundance. Getting the energy you need as a life in higher states. Surrendering and let go and let source envelop your being. The city life vs. travel life. 

October 8, 2016

Big Magic Creation Vs. Competition (Live @ the Ocean) - Featuring Gaylon & Corinne

In Hawaii on location with crashing waves and flow state guests on board. Right on the cusp of the Aina! 

Do you want to compete or create? Think of it this way: To create is a glass half full and to compete is a glass half empty. Competition means that there are limitations, that only a few can win and the rest must lose. Creation means that all can win and there are no losers. Thinking in terms of competition means that you are always looking over your shoulders. Creation means your eyes are on the horizon.

April 18, 2016

Super Mind : The Ultimate Energy to Bliss Out, A Tool Kit

The Stormy life to search for self in the realm of higher creativity there are stages and useful helpful daily rituals to harness. Keeping that embroyonic faith and momentum to elegantly navigate deeply in the exploration. Harnessing gratitiude and unleashing the invisible power from within. The Jedi mind is the beyond co-depency and encourages the language of prosperity, abundance, blockage clearing. Enjoy and Unify. Check out the Book on Amazon "Gnarly For Namaste" and chart topping music freshly cooked up for your enjoyment https://www.reverbnation.com/control_room/artist/4301624/songs