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THRIVE GUIDE TO LIFE- Biohacking Mind/Body/Soul

April 9, 2016

You Were Born Rich - Double Your Sales with this strategy / Become a prosperity vacuum

Some people say money is evil, but I don't agree. If I manage it well and make good use of it, it'll only make my life better. WE should love people, and use money” never the other way around.

You should know if you are a global thinker, the linear, systematic approach of this book might not be for you.

prosperity vacuum is the word where your paradigm needs shifting and controls the ultimate reach of your infinite potential. Most of us will fail to get out into the terror barriers and breach the connections to the abundance algorithm that displays as laws of reality. 


Original track "Neon Angels On The Road To Argon" intro designed and maintained by DJ Bishop Frosty. For more https://www.reverbnation.com/bishop9/song/25677950-spitting-out-demons-and-flowersats and such contact@ Bishopworldlove via twitter. 

April 4, 2016

#38 We stop playing because we grow up. We grow up because we stop playing - Growing up may be the biggest lie ever. YOUTH PROJECT

Don't grow up fully and embrace the old. Live a fertile new crop and planting seeds each year. We stop playing because we grow up. We grow up because we stop playing. There are only four secrets of lasting youth, happiness and success. You have to smile every day and not take life too seriously. You need to have a dream. When you stop dreaming, you die. There are so many people around us who are already dead, but they don’t even realise it! There’s a huge difference between ageing and growing up. If you’re 19 years old and you have a whole year to lie on the couch and do nothing, you’ll reach 20. If I have lie on the couch for a year and do nothing, I’ll eventually turn 88. It’s easy enough to get older. We don’t need any talent or gift to get old. You have a gift when you know how to discover new opportunities offering you the chance to change yourself. Never regret anything! Old people don’t regret what they did — they regret what they didn’t do. The only people who are afraid of dying are the ones who have too many regrets.”
April 1, 2016

#36 Choosing LOVE over FEAR in 6 minutes

Choosing love will guide your brain positively. Fear will darken and cloud your path, but love will broaden and enlighten it. Love creates new opportunities out of problems.

1. You are more often motivated by what you can gain and take part in. Love is a natural pathway to travel towards something you can gain.

2. If you truly love something or someone, you will continue working towards success, allowing your love to motivate you.

3. Love requires sacrifice, and if you are willing to sacrifice for what you love, you will grow exponentially.

4. When you begin something great, it is because you “fell in love” with your project. Keep this mindset at the forefront of your actions.

5. Recognize that fear is an emotion felt when something huge is taking place, but that love will allow you to push through those obstacles.

 6. In the words of Jim Carrey, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”

7. Love frees you to act with confidence and courage.

8. Fear says, “I can’t be enough.” Love says, “I already am enough.”

March 31, 2016

#35 Firewalkers VS. Armchair Professors - THE ACT OF DOING VS VIEWING

The show notes are basic and insightful but you will have to listen to get the emotion of the term FIREWALKER. This comes doing to NIKE "Just do it" adapt. Climbing the mountain of life then to display valiance and logic by looking out over the long open gaps in open valleys to see the next moves. With rising technology and videos we have a life of constant paralysis by analysis. 

What is your truth and have you tried and felt the burn of being a fireman and the act of courage of the hero. Have you learned Spanish and spoken to someone in a cultural efficacy situation and seen the camaraderie of speaking a native language. Have you visited a culture you were formally skeptic about????? If not you are controlled by the fear of Arm Chair Professor syndrome. We must Learn in the informational overloaded society than to take constant action to break thru the void of change. Stay thirsty and harness a shield tough enough to receive constant attacks 
March 30, 2016

#35 The Art of Unlearning and Doing Less in pursuit of bliss

The art of doing less and just being still and to be able to sit still and silent in moments. Embrace your funk. Plant the seeds of peace and liberation. The staycation vacation of life. Can we have technology breaks and be cool calm collected while doing so. The rat race and the permanent treadmill life cycle and how to break free. Teachers not being graded and only teaching dated systems not embracing new ways of learning. Bliss and blessed regardless of conditions of weather, politics, economy. Grounded even while others are acting like bouncy balls in life. 

March 29, 2016

(#34) 7 Myths About Happiness We Need to Stop Believing

We have been given false promises—myths that assure us that lifelong happiness will be attained once we hit the culturally confirmed markers of adult success. This restricted view of happiness works to discourage us from recognizing the upside of any negative life turn and blocks us from recognizing our own growth potential. Our outsized expectations transform natural rites of passage into emotional land mines and steer us to make toxic decisions. Clear-eyed vision they need to build the healthiest, most satisfying life. A corrective course on happiness and a call to regard life’s twists and turns with a more open mind, The Myths of Happiness shares practical lessons with life-changing potential.

March 28, 2016

#33 Life Puzzle - putting your life together

Where your habits came from and how to change them.
How to work with the laws of the Universe to achieve your goals in the easiest way possible.
How to draw upon the infinite supply.
How to eliminate all obstacles blocking your path.
A four-step process to make effective decisions! 
How to work on the various sections of your life in orderly yet fast-paced motion.
The importance of commitment to success.
A better way to deal with restraints, delays and negative consciousness that seek to slow your masterpiece-building pace.
How to build in greater color, enthusiasm and passion in all facets of your life.
March 25, 2016

#32 Slaying Your Own Dragons and ONTO GREATNESS!!

In the Philosophy of the WAR OF ART and THINK AND GROW RICH. Many valuable life hacks to get to peace and tranquility in the pursuit of casinos of jackpots towards life greatness in the impermanence of life. To save people from taking the tired paths of superficiality and onto a true path while unraveling your true personality and true purpose. The art of failing forward and constant fun challenges and wise wisdom of modeling behaviors of victors while learning logic in which is rare and valuable.   Purchase a copy of ACTION STEPS broken down in "GNARLY FOR NAMASTE" On sale now $9.99 http://www.amazon.com/Gnarly-For-Namaste-Longevity-Merging-ebook/dp/B01AB29M00

March 17, 2016


Become **Limitless** as we travel down the right roads. Embrace the roadway to improvement project in the SPRINGTIME OF YOU! Face your competition head on physically and become one of less ego and more of a hero. Have a outlet and face fear head on to therapy. 

March 7, 2016

You Should Go and Love Yourself - Ego Barriers to break down

Feat some drastic fun easy action steps to get on point and off the misery elevator and VIP access to the "Good Life" balloon ride. 19 mins to bliss.  Feat Original song "Can ya dig my mercedes" - Buff