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THRIVE GUIDE TO LIFE- Biohacking Mind/Body/Soul

#35 Firewalkers VS. Armchair Professors - THE ACT OF DOING VS VIEWING

March 31, 2016

The show notes are basic and insightful but you will have to listen to get the emotion of the term FIREWALKER. This comes doing to NIKE "Just do it" adapt. Climbing the mountain of life then to display valiance and logic by looking out over the long open gaps in open valleys to see the next moves. With rising technology and videos we have a life of constant paralysis by analysis. 

What is your truth and have you tried and felt the burn of being a fireman and the act of courage of the hero. Have you learned Spanish and spoken to someone in a cultural efficacy situation and seen the camaraderie of speaking a native language. Have you visited a culture you were formally skeptic about????? If not you are controlled by the fear of Arm Chair Professor syndrome. We must Learn in the informational overloaded society than to take constant action to break thru the void of change. Stay thirsty and harness a shield tough enough to receive constant attacks